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“Health & skincare therapy has developed into a complex and dynamic profession employing sophisticated electronic equipment and highly specialised techniques for both face and body therapy. Students who embark on this career need to ensure that they receive the training at a superior academy that provides all the facilities equipment and experienced lecturers to meet the high standards set by the profession. SAAHSP & CIDESCO recognised training facilities meet these requirements”. (extract from the SAAHSP/CIDESCO Section South Africa advisory on choosing the correct training).

SAAHSP, the South African Association of Health & Skincare Professionals was established in 1972 with exceptionally high standards for their endorsement. SAAHSP remains the most respected standard in South Africa.

CIDESCO, the Comité International d' Esthétique et de Cosmétologie is based in Zurich Switzerland and is the foremost international examining body in the profession which is represented in over 35 countries.

CIDESCO is held in the highest esteem everywhere in the world. It is seen as the international passport to success in the profession.


3rd Year

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